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The Art of Philip Gladstone
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Philip Gladstone

is a self-representing artist who lives and works in the northwestern hills of Connecticut, USA. He works in a wide range of painting media, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, egg tempera and pastel. He is also a prolific draftsman and an occasional sculptor. He offers his work for sale exclusively online. Read his full biography here.

Philip Gladstone's subjects are as varied as his media, with a distinct emphasis on the human figure, specifically his highly personalized, emotionally evocative, and sometimes provocative treatment of the male nude. See our gallery pages to view a retrospective of paintings,drawings and sculpture by the artist.
Philip Gladstone's latest original works in all media are offered via online auctions exclusively through our eBay store, Philip Gladstone Fine Arts.
A large selection of Philip Gladstone's affordable Limited Edition Reproductions, created personally by the artist and individually hand-signed and numbered from editions as small as ten, are available for immediate purchase.

"Spring, So Clean" 2006
Artist Signed Limited Edition Reproductions Available
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"...This drawing hit such a major chord with me that I gasped when I saw it. You conveyed something so true to my own experience, yet I don't think I would ever have conjured up a drawing that so accurately reflects my own personal experience. You are unusually insightful -- and you're very brave to go to places in your mind, or memory, that almost all people would be too terrified to go near. The more of your work I see, the more impressive you are, both as a painter and a person. I do consider the day I discovered your paintings to be a major blessing in my life..."

 -Excerpted from an email to the artist from a collector

"...Yours is a descendant of art's better events, the kind of effort that says something. Just look at "The Letter" and how naked the reader is as he studies that thing, brow furrowed, body committed in a full squat to the text he sees. In some dream of a moment that we've each pushed away from consciousness, we've all been there at some time in our lives. We've all seen this before; we've seen ourselves in this picture. But now you've glimpsed it for us. And when you see something, it's for keeps." 

-From an email to the artist from producer/writer/critic Porter Anderson
"...Volumes [are] spoken via these naked figures. This drawing could never imply as much if the subjects were clothed…you are at your best when that narrative imagination taps into truth laden images about the contemporary male psyche..."

 -Excerpted from an email to the artist from a collector

"...You really are kicking ass... I'm amazed by your output, and the QUALITY of your work. It's like you're on a roll, on a new plateau, and the stuff pouring out of your brushes - in every medium, is on fire..."

 -From an email to the artist from a fellow artist selling online

"You are simply the most superb artist ever to grace eBay!"

-From an email to the artist from a fellow artist selling online

"...He is simply beautiful, compellingly beautiful, beautifully painted, he changes with the light, the angle you are looking at him from and the distance you are from him. He has life. I can't tell you what this one means to me, talk about adding punch to a collection..."

 -Excerpted from an email to the artist from a collector
"...With all sincerity of speech and poverty of prose, I think Grey Bather is your finest ever... I am haunted by it... it remains in my eyes with an ever more ghostly shade of grandeur. The rendering is so powerful the canvas could not absorb pigment and thus returns it to us tenfold."

 -Excerpted from an email to the artist from a collector

"...Philip Gladstone's work reminds me of Andrew Wyeth. The somehow familiar open spaces invite you to explore them on your own. The characters portrayed within [are] completely known like friends and as unknown as strangers by the viewer simultaneously. They seem quietly aware of your presence as if you were a character in the painting's background watching, but not interfering. Philip not only has beautiful, rich paintings that always leave me wanting more - He speaks with a wonderful candor and depth about his work..."

-Stephanie Greene, Curator, The Electronic Museum of Modern Art (eMOMA)


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